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NCBK – Pumps for High Flow Rates

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NCBK – Standardized End Suction Pumps for High Flow Rates
SEAR made in Italy high efficiency end suction pumps NCBK according to EN733.

The NCBK series is ideal for applications where very high flow rates are required, such as irrigation systems, water supply, heating or refrigeration, in the industrial, marine or mining sectors.

Technical Data

  • Flow rate: max. 2300 m3/h
  • Head: max. 97 m
  • Power: max. 400 kW


The SEAR NCBK end suction pumps are available in variety of metals and alloys, with short delivery times even for the super duplex version.

  • Cast iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze
  • Super Duplex


Suitable for re-circulation, heating and heat recovery systems, as well as water supply, pressurization groups, refrigeration systems, irrigation, industry, and in the marine and mining sectors.

Product Leaflet

Download for more information LEA_0262_2023.11_Serie-IR-MG-NCB-NCBK-50-60Hz_EN_00

Product Type

Water Pump

Pump Type

End Suction


Dewatering/Drainage, HVAC, Industrial Production, Power Generation, Water Supply



Country of Brand Origin


Market Area

Building Services, General Industry, Water