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Dr. Pump & Engineering

Smart Flow Solutions


Fire & Water Pumps, Valves, Sprinklers, Gen Sets, Water Solutions & IoT.




FAST implementation

Cost Savings

Dr Pump & Engineering Factory assembly of Fire Pump Systems and Water Pumps.

About Dr. Pump

Dr. Pump & Engineering operating from the newly build modern designed assembly plant in Lat Lum Kaeo Pathum Thani, is a one stop flow solution provider for fire pump systems, water pumps, valves, sprinklers, gen sets, water and wastewater treatment mainly for buildings, water & wastewater providers and factories.

Dr. Pump & Engineering offers complete turnkey highly energy efficient and sustainable cost-effective solutions for new equipment as well as replacements.

Dr. Pump & Engineering work closely with key partners who are innovative state of the art market leaders in their fields like SAER Pumps Italy, Technimex Netherlands Valves and Non Revenue Water, Bosman Netherlands Plate Aerators and Ion Exchange India Water Treatment to name a view with a focus on lowest cost of ownership and efficiency.

Our IoT platform based upon the latest technology enables you to monitor and optimize any equipment in the cloud.


Dr. Pump Focus

We understand your requirement and provide cost-effective high-quality products & services.

Fire & Water Pumps

Energy Efficient Fire & Water Pumps and Booster Systems all Cloud Enabled.

Non Revenue Water

Leak detection, SMART AI software, managing water pressure as a solution to get instant results without replacing pipes.

Water Solutions

Efficient and innovative Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions.


Fire pump upgrades without losing your listing where possible, energy audits, service contracts and IoT.

SAER ELLETRPPOMPE made in Italy High Efficiency Pumps


Dr. Pump Brands

We are the authorized distributor for leading brands within the industry.
None revenue water solutions
Technimex Netherlands

Valves & innovative solutions to reduce non revenue water.

SAER Pumps Italy

High Efficiency Pumps, Motors and Pump as Turbines 100% made in Italy.

Water Treatment Experts
Ion Exchange India

Water & Wastewater Treatment.

Protector Sprinklers

Sprinklers. Systems. Solutions.


Dr. Pump References

Selected References throughout the world.
SAER Pump Solutions

Irrigation with Solar

Central Asia

Irrigation for numerous crops with SAER pumps each 200 kW powered by a solar PV system


Ion Exchange Hi Purity Water

Mega Life Siences


Hi Purity Water Treatment Plant with HMI Based Control Pane saving energy and environment reliability 24/7


Dr. Pump Mobile Water Solutions

DR. Pump Mobile De-watering


Dr. Pump developed a mobile de-watering system with unique priming system to keep Koh Samui dry.




Monitor your Fire Pump System according to FM 1330 ready to be used 24/7.
Dr Pump & Engineering fire pump room fully NFPA 20 compliant.
Industrial fire pump station for water sprinkler piping and fire alarm control system. Pipelines, water pump, valves, manometers.

Dr. Pump Cloud based system is the world’s most advanced IoT solutions to monitor fire pumps according to FM 1330 and any other equipment in the building. Delivering unprecedented levels of security, safety and reliability in fire safety solutions. Symbiont guarantees critical diagnostics and data collection are completed in full compliance with NFPA 20 fire safety standards 24/7, 365 to help monitoring the Fire pump room.

With Dr. Pump IoT solutions you will know exactly when any anomalies or issues arise before they become critical. Monitor crucial data and more anytime, anywhere all according to the latest FM 1330 standard for fire pump monitoring and control, including:
• Battery voltage for diesel engine
• Room temperature
• Operation mode of Firepump controller
• Horsepower derate factor
• Engine status
• System suction and discharge pressure


Why select us?

We understand your requirement and help you to reduce operating cost.
Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is key to our environment and we assure we have the most sustainable solutions available in the market.

Energy Savings

Our solutions are the most energy efficient available in the market to assure optimum running cost.

Ultimate Perfection

We assure from technical survey, engineering and commissioning a perfect installation.

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News & Updates

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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